Welcome to the official Scott Russell (SR) website!

This website has been a goal of mine for a longtime and I am happy to share it with each of you, my fans. Because of your growing and unwavering support, this site needs to exist. This website will always be changing and updating so check back often.

Back in July when I was in California riding the local tracks coaching some riders, the amount of love and support racers gave me, made me get this in gear. A fan approached me at the end of one of the days and showed me the largest chief tattoo I have ever seen (I’ll see if he would mind if we posted a photo, it was so cool) he asked me to sign it so he could go and have my signature tattooed with it! Talk about a great fan and I know there are many more great fans out there!

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People ask me all the time about SR helmets and how many my good friend, Troy Lee designed and I have taken photos of them all here for you to see. In the coming weeks, I will be adding photos of my bikes I still have and other SR items for you to see, so stay tuned.

In the about SR section, I am willing to bet that you will learn something new about me, I know I did! Currently, I work for Speed TV, help coach at the Yamaha Champions School, ride pedal bikes and play with my toys at home when I have free time. You can also see where I am traveling to or coming from by checking out the calendar.

The videos section is another part of the site that will be changing as I upload more videos, some of them are pretty funny, stay tuned!

Lastly, check out the official SR products that you the fans can purchase. All of the official SR clothing is on this site and will come with my signature on it somewhere, so look for it! Check this section out often as well, all clothing is limited edition and when it’s gone, it’s gone! You will see new items coming.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did putting it together. To keep up with me, “like” my fan page on Facebook and “follow” me on Twitter and if you see me at the races, say hello!Signature